A short intro for people with little to no knowledge about Area 51. I know, I know with all the Area 51 memes floating around everybody probably knows. If you do, skip over to the next section. Homey airport or Area 51 as it’s commonly called is a known military installation in the middle of Nevada desert. The United States Air Force (USAF) first acquired the site in 1955 primarily for flight testing the Lockheed bomber U-2 aircraft.

In a recent interview to the Washington Post, USAF spokesperson Laura Mcandrews warned that the USAF is ready to protect its assets

What are the defenses?

Well there’s the “camo dudes”: armed contractors who are licensed to defend Area 51 and to kill if necessary. Known as “camo dudes” for their military style attire. They prevent any kind of terrestrial movement from reaching the site. There are multiple spots around the site that provide for ample sniping range for anyone on top of the hills.

What about being airdropped? Well the airspace itself is restricted to commercial and miltary flights. The only exceptions being the “Janet” flights. The Janet flights are unmarked Boeing – 737s and 727s that either originate at the site or have it as their destination. This is what is often used by the “camo dudes” to get to the airstrip at Area 51. There are even Helicopters that provide air support to the site.

Other defenses include sensors that detect movement. Speculation is that they can differentiate between humans and anumals too. There is a good chance that this is true since this technology has also independently been developed by civilians with little resources and should not be difficult for a government which has spent about $693 billion on military defense in this year alone. (Source)

For a long time elevated planes like hills (White side peak and Freedom ridge) could give you a “sneak peek” into the site but now even those have been bought by the USAF. The only such exception is Tikaboo peak 42 km away from the site. Good luck peeking in from there! Of course there are no windows. So even with an out of this world magnifying telescope you won’t really see anything interesting.

Very few corporations or companies have access to Area 51. These include high profile defense contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing and EG & G

That’s about all the publicly available info on Area 51’s defenses. Did we miss something? Do you have any anecdotal evidence to show? Post it in the comments.


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