Recently a video surfaced on Reddit showing the level to which police have stooped in the Chinese province of Hong Kong and it’s horrific to watch.

What their intention was is unclear but their actions however are unforgivable in nature. The identity of the patient too is unknown. The timestamp on it shows the date to be 26 June 2019. Three policemen are seen entering a confined space in the hospital while one leaves soon, the other two keep attacking the patient on the bed. they repeatedly hit him on the face, cover his nose and mouth in an apparent bid to torture by suffocation and are also seen attempting to rip off his clothes.This happens over the course of 20 minutes.

Watch the video below:

The recent protests in Hong Kong are eerily similar to the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 aka the Euromaidan revolution. The cause for the protests may have been different in the both cases but the impact seems to be the same. The pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong were protesting for democracy in the country and against the “one country, two systems” policy China has held. This led to violent clashes between police and public in the province. Parallely in Ukraine, public protested against the government’s changing of the constitution. Following which clashes with the police ensued. Police attempts to suppress protestors and demonstrators failed following which the then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich fled to Russia. An interim government was formed. This government signed the EU association agreement. The protest was successful despite all the violence. Will China attempt to crush all forms of rebellion by bringing in the military to the streets of Hong Kong? The answer to that question is unanswered as of now.

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